How our brain works to help us move, balance, focus, and more...

Research has proven that the brain is capable of changing at any age – which is great news for you. So even if you are set back by injury, disease, or aging, the brain is capable of building new brain pathways that can help your body perform better.


You have all kinds of sensors in your body including the eyes, ears, and proprioception (skin, nerves, muscles, and joints). Your SENSES are responsible for sending the brain information that helps you move and navigate your outer world. In fact... your EYES are a direct extension of your brain. They are responsible for 80% of the information your brain takes in from the outside world!


When the brain receives information from your senses, it then decides what to do with it. And what is really fascinating and important to note is that the brain prioritizes the information that it receives from the eyes over all other sensory input. Once the brain decides what to do with the information it then tells the body through signals to the peripheral nervous system how to act. The more efficiently this process happens, the better your body will perform.


Although brain processing is highly complex, exercising the senses (ESPECIALLY THE EYES) can be simple and fun. Play BrainSpeed Ball® 5 minutes a day and you will see how much of an impact it can make on your senses, your brain processing, and how your body performs.