Learn how to play BrainSpeed Ball and get back to the way you used to feel...


Program Includes...


  • Immediate Access to all content inside "Fire Up Your Brain for Seniors".
  • Detailed "Game Rules" video to get you started and ensure success.
  • Step-by-step video instruction for games specific to the needs of SENIORS
  • Video instruction on how to engage others in your BrainSpeed Ball games.
  • Self Assessment worksheet to help you stay on track.


  • Access to "AskTrent"- the easy way to get answers and continue to find success with the BrainSpeed Ball.
  • Access to the Fire Up Your Brain Facebook community where you connect with others and share creative ways to play.

BrainSpeed Ball

  • 1 BrainSpeed Ball with free shipping with the U.S. shipped within one week of purchase. (International shipping rates and timeframes vary based on location.)


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Once you early register, you will receive a couple of emails from us including a receipt for your payment, a welcome letter with direct access to our training platform and further instructions on how you will receive your BrainSpeed Ball and upcoming training.