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Concerned about Missing Out on Life?

Are your symptoms holding you back from doing the things that you once loved? Or maybe you are a family member and you want to help your loved one participate in their life with a sense of joy.

Slowing the progression of PD

According to the National Parkinson Foundation (Parkinson.org), approximately 1 million Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Although it is a progressive disease of the brain, research also tells us that you can do things to help your brain slow the progression of PD and the symptoms that come along with the disease. You can then optimize each day by helping your brain and body with the things that you have control over.

One of the ways you can do this is by exercising the sensory systems. Both the visual (eyes) sensory system and vestibular (ears) sensory system are responsible for providing the information the brain needs to make decisions related to movement. Exercises that coordinate the visual and vestibular sensory systems help the body balance, coordinate, and respond more quickly.

According to Johns Hopkins Physical Therapy “Movement, especially exercises that encourage balance and use of both sides of the body can actually slow the progression of Parkinson's disease.”

How does the BrainSpeed Ball® help?

Playing BrainSpeed® Ball for 5 minutes a day can help you (or the person you care about) to participate in the things you love. It’s a fun way to exercise the senses, optimize balance, and slow the progression of PD symptoms. BrainSpeed Ball® games are also a fun and engaging way to include family and friends.

  • Improve your posture, balance, and stability so that you can feel steady on your footing.
  • Help your body feel more coordinated and improve your mobility.
  • Increase your reaction time to avoid injury.
  • Reduce anxiety and improve mood and a feeling of joy while playing with others.
  • Restore confidence, feel safe, and do the things you love.